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From Bangkok NORTH and NORTH-EAST BUS TERMINAL at MOH CHITto The Atlanta

From  Bangkok  NORTH  and  NORTH-EAST  BUS  TERMINAL  at  MOH  CHIT  to The Atlanta  Hotel  by  TAXI – the fare on the metre should be between Bahts 150 to Bahts 200, depending on traffic – plus Bahts 60 for toll charge – travel time half-an-hour to one hour.

The alternative of taking the BTS  (also called Sky Train) is difficult because the Moh Chit Bus Terminal is too far to walk to the nearest BTS Station (which is also called Moh Chit).  You will have to take a taxi from Moh Chit Bus Terminal to the Moh Chit BTS Station.  In the end, it is not worth it for time and cost.  [Click here if you wish to see the BTS route map and fare details .]  

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