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From Bangkok Hua Lampong TRAIN STATION to The Atlanta

BY  TAXI  (immediately below)


BY  UNDERGROUND / SUBWAY / METRO  connecting  with the SKY TRAIN (B.T.S)   (further below)


From  Bangkok  Hua  Lampong  TRAIN  STATION  to  The  Atlanta  Hotel  by  TAXI  -  the taxi queue is on the west side of the station (the right side as you exit the platform) – taxi fare should be between Bahts 70 and Bahts 100 bahts – travel time 20 minutes to one hour.

From Bangkok  Hua  Lampong  TRAIN  STATION  to  The  Atlanta  Hotel  by  UNDERGROUND / SUBWAY / METRO  connecting  with  the  SKY TRAIN (B.T.S)  -  operational from 06:00 hrs till 24:00 hrs  -  practical only if you have luggage you can carry and walk 700 yards / meters, which is the distance you will have to walk from the Sky Train station nearest The Atlanta to The Atlanta  -  exit Hua Lampong Train Station through the main / front doorway, turn left, cross the road and you will see the underground / subway / metro, also called M.R.T. (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) - buy a ticket for Asok (6 stops, 26 Bahts, about 15 minutes) - at Asok, exit the station to the street level, then go up the stairs to Asok Station of the Sky Train (also known as B.T.S. or Bangkok Mass Transit System) - buy a ticket for Phloen Chit (2 stops, 22 Bahts, 4 minutes).  


At Phloen Chit Station, take exit 4 down to the street.  Exit 4 is the southeastern exit.  While descending the staircase at exit 4, you will see Novotel on your right.  Keep walking with the Novotel on your right till you reach the street level, then continue walking in the same direction.  At the street level, you will find yourself walking under a huge overpass (for cars), then immediately crossing a railway line and a street.  You will soon see a sign that reads ‘Ploenchit Center’ which is an office block with shops, including a McDonald and a Starbucks.  Keep walking.  You will reach the corner of Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road.  Opposite you is the Marriott Hotel.​

The distance you have walked from exit 4 of Phloen Chit Station to the corner of Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road is about 100 yards / meters.  Turn right to walk down Soi 2. The Atlanta Hotel is at the bottom of this lane, ​a distance of about 600 yards / meters from the corner.  The total travelling time from Hua Lampong Train Station to The Atlanta, including waiting time at the platforms and walking time, is about 45 minutes.  


(1) Ignore touts who accost you to try to persuade you to take a car they can arrange for you.  They may tell you it is a taxi or limousine or minibus.  Ignore them!  You will be ripped off and may be taken to a different hotel.  Deal only with the Public Taxi attendant at the queue or with attendants behind the AOT Limousine counter.  

(2) Do not take a stray taxi!  A stray taxi is one which happens to be passing by and catches your eye.  Ignore their offers and inducements.  You will be ripped off and / or taken to some other place.  Typically, once you have got into their taxi, they will switch on the turbo-meter which will tick over much more quickly.  In the end, you will find you are being charged two, three, four or more times the normal meter fare!  

(3) Spend a few minutes before you leave for Bangkok to surf the web to learn about the latest scams and shenanigans perpetrated by taxi and tuk-tuk drivers, and for any recent changes in fares and tariffs.  There is nothing to be said for naivety and selective ignorance in these parts.

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