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Directions  to  The  Atlanta

from  various  entry  points  of  the  city 

The Atlanta is situated at number 78, Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road.  The postcode is Bangkok 10110.  The telephone numbers are 02-252 6069 and 02-252 1650.  The 02 is the prefix for Bangkok landlines and must be used when calling from any telephone in Thailand.  The e-mail is

'Soi' means lane; so 'Soi 2' means lane number 2; Sukhumvit Road is a major thoroughfare. 'Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road' thus refers to lane number 2, off Sukhumvit Road.  The Atlanta is a five storey building on the right hand side at the end of this lane and adjacent to the Calvary Baptist Church.  The lane is 600 metres / yards long.  

Clarifying confusions:  Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road also has a name.  The name is usually spelt Phasuk.  It is sometimes spelt Pha-Suk.  It is pronounced Paa-sook (not Fa-suck).  This name has not been in general use since the 1950's when Bangkok was a much smaller city.  Few today know this name.  Everybody, including taxi drivers, uses the lane number.  On the google map below, Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road is called 'Sukhumvit 2 Alley'.  Nobody calls it thus, not even the ex-pats. No taxi driver would understand 'Sukhumvit 2 Alley' even if he speaks English.  If you point the cursor at the red marker for The Atlanta Hotel and click it, the address will pop up on the top left corner of the map, 'Soi Sukhumvit 2 (Pha Suk)'.   Most would prefer it to read, 'Soi 2 (Paa-sook) Sukhumvit Road'.  Place names and their abecedarian spellings are not and have never been standardised in Thailand; and it may be too much to expect global cartographers to get it right everywhere!   

A useful landmark is the J.W. Marriott Hotel at the corner of Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road.  If you find this J.W. Marriott, you are 600 meters / yards from The Atlanta.  

Avoiding confusions:  There are two Marriott Hotels on Sukhumvit Road - one at the corner of Soi 2 (which is your landmark), the other at the corner of Soi 57 (which is not your landmark).  There are also many Marriott Executive Appartments in the city.

The entrance to The Atlanta Hotel is quite difficult to find until you are "on top of it".  However, look carefully and you will see the main entrance between two signs.  One reads: "This is the place you are looking for, if you know it. If you don't, you'll never find it".  This is absolutely true: nobody comes to The Atlanta by chance.  The other more famously reads: "Sex tourists not welcome".

Arranging transport by taxi to The Atlanta from either of Bangkok's two airports can be done in English, so it is not necessary that you have the address in Thai.
Arranging transport by taxi to The Atlanta from other entry points to the city, like the various bus terminals and railway station, CANNOT easily be done in English.  You are advised to print out or copy the address in Thai and the telephone numbers to show to the driver or passers-by.

The Atlanta Hotel's address in Thai and phone numbers 


เลขที่ 78 ซอย 2 ถนนสุขุมวิท

กรุงเทพฯ 10110



โทร. 02-252 6060

โทร. 02-252 1650

DISCLAIMER:  We at The Atlanta endeavour to provide up-to-date information regarding transfers to The Atlanta from Bangkok's various entry points.  However, owing to systemic inefficiencies, poor transmission of information from official sources, misinformation and inaccuracies in the media, and to sub-optimal standards of responsibility and reliability on the part of the various service providers - all of which add to the adventure and exotic appeal of a visit to Thailand - The Atlanta shall not be held responsible for any unfortunate consequences that may occur to users of this information.  In a city where signs on the motorway/freeway/autobahn/autoroute and even street signs and other public signs can often be misleading or plain wrong, it is impossible for private providers of travel information to guarantee accuracy!

Warning - taxis with turbo-charged meters 

There are rogue taxi drivers operating vehicles with rigged meters.  These illegal meters are controlled by the driver who may speed up the meter from a slow tick-over to turbo-charged increments.  For most passengers and guests of The Atlanta, the turbo-charged meter remains a rare occurrence, but one about which you should know.  

What to do with a turbo-charged meter readout?  If your meter reading is suspiciously high and you think that you may be a victim of a turbo-charged meter, remain calm.  Do not alert the taxi driver that he has been rumbled. Make sure that the taxi reaches its destination directly outside The Atlanta, at the far end of Soi 2 Sukhumvit.  Remove your personal effects from the taxi immediately, then make your excuses (such as you need to change your money for Thai currency) and summon help from the Reception staff at the hotel who will deal with the matter on your behalf.  Never leave your personal effects unattended in the taxi while dealing with a problem relating to fares.

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