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Sex  tourists  are  not  welcome

Registered  room  guests  only - no  outsiders


No  drugs,  including marijuana

No  smoking  anywhere  on  the  premises

No  vaping  anywhere  on  the  premises

Zero  tolerance  for  trouble-makers

Families  are  warmly  welcome,

but  parents  are  kindly  requested  to  keep  their  children  under  control  so  other  guests  are  not  disturbed  by  them.

RESERVATION  FORM  -  one  form  per  room

First Name


Last  Name




Address  (emergency only)

Phone  Number  (emergency only)

Others checking-into the same room as you.

Please enter the  title,  first name,  last name,  nationality,  age  &  sex  of each person, if any, who will be staying with you in your room or suite at The Atlanta.  This information is necessary for the calculation of your room tariff.  

Please choose the type of room or suite you would like to have. 

Date of check-in

Time of check-in

Early  check-in  is  free  when  it  is  possible.

The normal check-in time is 13:00 hrs (1 pm).  We will do our best to arrange early check-in for you if you let us know you will arrive at The Atlanta before 13:00 hrs.  Early check-in is free of charge but is possible only if the room you wish to have is not occupied by another guest that morning.

Checking-in before 06:00 hrs (6 am) incurs the charge for the previous night.

Please tick this box if you would like early check-in.

Date of check-out

Time of check-out 

Late  check-out  is  not  free. 

The normal check-out time is 12:00 noon.  If you check-out at 12:00 noon but are departing the hotel later that day, you may, of course, leave your luggage behind the porters' counter and continue to enjoy the premises and facilities of The Atlanta.

If you wish to have late check-out - after 12:00 noon but not later than 18:00 hrs - please note that late check-out is possible only if the room has not been previously booked for that afternoon by another guest.  Please note, too, that there is a half-day charge for late check-out.  This half-day charge is normally waived for guests who return to The Atlanta several times each year.

Please tick this box if you would like late check-out.

Is there anything you would like to tell us, any special requests you wish to make, perhaps a clarification of your check-in time?


From which city / country are you coming?

To which city / country are you going?

How did you first hear about The Atlanta?

Optional:   We would be happy if you could tell us the name of the person who recommended The Atlanta to you, or the name of the guidebook, newspaper or magazine, website or other internet source, youtube channel, or any other source that recommended The Atlanta to you.  This will make a difference.

If you first heard about The Atlanta from a newspaper or magazine or other printed source, we would be most grateful if you could bring us a copy of it!

Is this the first time you will be staying at The Atlanta?

If NO, how many times have you stayed at The Atlanta?

When was the first time  you stayed at The Atlanta?

When was the last time you stayed at The Atlanta?

Thank-you for your reservation! You should receive a reply within 24-hours.

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