Dear friends, regularly returning guests and prospective guests,

The Atlanta Hotel has been closed since 26th March 2020.   During this closure, we have undertaken some necessary restorations that should delight you.   

We wish we could give you our re-opening date but we cannot because the Covid situation does not permit it.  We will RE-OPEN when tourist arrivals in Thailand approximate those of 2019 and when we are quite certain that, after re-opening, we will not have to close again on account of another wave.  The Atlanta will therefore not be among the very first hotels to re-open.  When we have decided on the date, we will post it on this website.  However, you can always e-mail us to find out!

You will understand it when we tell you that re-opening and then having only a few guests is not an option for us, and, worse still, re-opening and then having to close again.  Re-opening involves re-calling all old staff, finding replacements for the ones who do not return.  It involves updating the room tariffs and menu, and general dusting, cleaning and polishing.  It involves re-starting all systems, from wifi to laundry to grocery and hardware purchasing, new staff uniforms, electricity and water meters, re-activating all permits and all taxes.  We do not want to do all that, have only a few guests, then have to close down again!

We wish you all the very best and we look forward to seeing you at The Atlanta again!


Yours sincerely,

H.E. Courtland

Reservations, The Atlanta Hotel