Dear friends, regularly returning guests and prospective guests,

The Atlanta Hotel will re-open on the 1st October 2022 unless prevented by force majeure.

The Atlanta Hotel has been closed since 26th March 2020.   During this closure, we have undertaken some necessary restorations that should delight you.   

The Atlanta Hotel will RE-OPEN when tourist arrivals in Thailand approximate those of 2019, that is, when the situation has more or less returned to 'normal'.  The Atlanta will therefore not be among the very first hotels to re-open.   If you are an old friend of The Atlanta, you will know that most of our staff have been working with us for several decades.  Many are not so young any more.  We must consider their safety.  Though it seems quite possible that the situation will return to 'normal' by August or September this year, we would rather wait a little longer.  We are therefore planning to re-open on the 1st OCTOBER 2022.  Reservations are already coming in and being processed.  

You will understand it when we tell you that re-opening and having only a few guests is not an option for us.  The Atlanta is a budget hotel that relies on high occupancy to break even.  Furthermore, re-opening is not a matter of just opening the front door!  It involves recalling all old staff, finding replacements for the ones who do not return, general dusting, cleaning and polishing, updating the menu, re-starting all systems from wifi to CCTV to bed linen and laundry services to grocery and hardware purchasing, electricity and water meters, accounts, renewal of the various permits and, of course, taxes.  We do not want to do all that, have only a few guests, then have to close again!

We wish you all the very best and we look forward to seeing you at The Atlanta again!


Yours sincerely,

H.E. Courtland

Reservations, The Atlanta Hotel